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Ares Barbosa

various roles

Looking for actors for an upcoming series for a pilot. For the pilot there is no pay. Possible deferred pay depending on if the pilot makes money. However, it secures your role in an upcoming series that will offer pay in upcoming episodes. The pilot will be marketed and entered into film fest to gain notoriety. Also, there will naturally be food and other amenities. Don’t have to know how to play instruments to apply but if you actually play the instrument you are applying for all the better.
The series is about a metal band who are thrown into a very unordinary situation after winning battle of the bands. The male roles will require fighting abilities in upcoming episodes. Not the pilot.
(Clayton)- Age 18-25 Clayton is the guitarist of Carnage. Clayton was timid but at the same time, had a wild spirit banging on the door from the inside trying to get out. He was never quite sure of himself but had all the talent in the world. The members of Carnage know this and mess with him all the time to bring out his other side.
(Vinny)-18-25 Vinny is the front man of Carnage a voice with pure melody and strength. He was a level headed guy, who knew how to be the man of reason. His one flaw was that he was addicted to woman.
(Lance)- 18-25 is the drummer of Carnage (Must be able to twirl drumsticks). Lance was just an overall crazy guy, willing to do all most anything to get the approval of his friends. Energetic and bubbly but at the same time, was willing to beat down anyone that messed with his friends or family.
(Tyler)18-25 is a straight to the point, kind of hated everyone equally, kind of person. He secretively loved his Carnage family members but would never say it.
(Damian)25-35 was the head CEO of a Record label. He is a smooth, charismatic man which hid the evil that lurked within. A cutthroat character which if crossed, would not hesitate to destroy anything in his way.
(Andrea) 18-30 The bands manager cute and nerdy plays the innocent looking card but in actuality is quite the opposite.
(Cheri)18-30 Supporting actor with possible lead on future episodes. A Nurse who is very attractive but dangerous at the same time. Knows it and flirts to get her way. Think of Daryl Hannah in Kill Bill.

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