Petty Ryan

Male and Female

[URGENT CASTING !!! Message is for all the Details]Webseries CASTING ! Non-Union .

Charmed Reboot , *Also a voice over role. Will be discussed via email* This is a Non-Profit project meaning this is UNPAID but Copy for reel and Credit on IMDB will be Given with Exposure. This is a small production but we work with what we have to make the fictional come to life! Production is slowly starting up again so we are casting these roles now . WE ARE ALSO LOOK FOR CREW MEMBERS FOR BEHIND THE SCENES SO IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN THAT ASWELL . 


Colton [Age: 19-24]
-Dark Hair

Leonardo [Age: 19-24]
-Blonde Hair

Cora [Age: 18-22]
-Dark Hair

Caleb [Age: 20-25]
-Dark Hair

Don [Age: 35-40]
-African American

Shawn [Age: 20-22]
-Any Ethnicity

Amy [Age: 20-22]
-African American

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