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Workshop 44

various roles

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Urgent Casting Call

Workshop 44 is seeking two Latinx actors to portray major characters in our upcoming web-series/virtual theatrical production of WONDERLAND!

Alice – (Lead Role) 19-25, Latina/Hispanic actress

Young Hatter – (Lead Role) 11-14, Latino/Hispanic actor

Artists of all experience levels are encouraged to audition. Sides will be sent to artists who wish to audition.

“Wonderland” is a fantastical reimagining of Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.” Once again, Robert Jerome brings his style and vision to this classic story, standing it on its head in such a way that you’re left wondering if you even knew the original story to begin with. Creating a dark and sinister landscape, “Wonderland” unfolds stories that seem to have been neatly hidden between the lines of its source material; bringing depth and emotion to characters we’ve only ever visited on the periphery like The Do-Do, The March Hare, and The Duchess. Weaving in motifs that remind us why the story endures, it takes you on an emotional rollercoaster of love and deception guaranteed to hook any fan of fantasy.

The story takes place both in Wonderland and “the real world” as the Mad Hatter seeks to find Alice in hopes to restore his memory, and the White Queen’s Kingdom, to its former glory. Wonderland has spent several years being ruled by the tyrannical Red Queen of Hearts, who is bent on finding the powerful Looking Glass so she can reign terror in more than just Wonderland. As the plots begin to unravel, we learn more about the characters as they each face the tragic and inevitable loss of childhood innocence in their own way.
“Wonderland” blends its unique story with our current reality and asks us to examine the nature of loneliness and abandonment and if hope is enough to unite us together.

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