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Boxcar Theatricals

various roles

Hello! Boxcar Theatricals is currently seeking actors for the following vacant roles for its exciting upcoming One-Act Festival:
[MAN 2]
35 to 50 years old, Hispanic male-presenting, to play:
~upper class husband with a secret
~boyfriend with a one track mind
~English gentleman wearing a bowler hat
[MAN 3]
60 to 75 years old, Black male-presenting, to play:
~senior professor in the rhetoric department, a naturally gifted speaker
~grumpy WW2 veteran reminiscing on old love stories
~quiet upper class husband
~an older man with a heart condition
35 to 50 years old, Black female-presenting, to play:
~Senior Professor in American Studies from Tougaloo, Mississippi, Southern accent preferred
~funny, gregarious retired military nurse, Southern accent preferred
~over-the-top, short-tempered upper class housewife
~conservative mother who is not afraid of sharing her opinions
Our 2-week rehearsal schedule begins Monday, March 14 to Friday, March 25 (all evening rehearsals excepting a day rehearsal on Saturday, and no rehearsal on Sunday). Performances will be in Anaheim on March 26th (2:00 pm and 7:00 pm) and 27th (2:00 pm).

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