• Film
  • New England
  • January 31, 2022

Alicia Napolitano

Males and Females 30-50's

Hi all!
I’m a writer/director in search of two actors for virtual table read for a script I’m developing for production later this year. If you’re interested, see below for roles and some of my work can be found at alicianapolitano.com.
Logline: When a trusted community leader offers an unorthodox solution to save her sister who suffers from tuberculosis, a grieving, desperate young woman in the early-1800s must weigh her religion and her mother’s orders against her developing morality before time runs out.
Clara: (late 30s-mid 40s): a strong woman, our main character’s mother, who has lost her husband and most of her family. She’s devout to her faith and her beliefs, even in the midst of tragedy.
James (40s-50s): a leader in the rural community, he does what he thinks is best for the town.

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