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Cahjli Symes

voice actors

I’m looking for voice actors for a YouTube motion comic based on a graphic novel I’ve written called “Gas Punk Fiction”. It’s just the script is the opposite of politically correct so it’s difficult finding actors for the type of script it is. However this project is a paying gig.
The project is a spy satire/historical fiction thriller about the memoirs of a disgruntled O.S.S. mercenary known as Hector Kwon. Hector is disillusioned by the hypocrisy of his job and takes is aggression out on his nazi/communist targets by goring them in barbaric methods with extreme prejudice.
The following is a list of characters needed:
1. Heinrich Himmler (Number of lines: 28)
Heinrich is the secondary antagonist of the first chapter. He is in charge of a POW death camp in France which does human experiments on their prisoners include Hector. He’s dating the main antagonist Viktor Von Hades (the man in charge with running the human experiments). He has a heavy german accent with a mellow confidant voice with a subtext of sadism.
DOB: 10/07/1900
Place of Birth: Munich, Germany.
Zodiac Placements:
Sun 🌞: Libra. MoonπŸŒ•: Aries. Rising⬆️: Aquarius
Personality Traits: Committed, Resilient, Fascinating, Stubborn, Isolated, Blinkered, Sadistic
2. Jeremiah “Jerry” Jonas [Codename: Mars Komodo] (Number of lines: 42)
Jerry is Hector’s OSS Commanding officer. He has a mellow yet ruthless/cold-blooded jingoistic vibe of Ronald Reagan with a snarky/cocky yet harsh authoritative tone of voice with a Newark, New Jersey accent.
DOB: 12/13/1913
Place of Birth: Newark, New Jersey
Zodiac Placements:
Sun 🌞: Sagittarius. MoonπŸŒ•: Gemini. Rising⬆️: Leo
Personality Traits: Thorough, Insightful, Inquisitive, Fussy, Exacting, Obnoxiously Jingoistic
Performance References: Donald Rumsfeld, James Stewart, Tyler Durdan (Fight Club)
3. Yang Cheng (Number of lines: 48)
Yang Cheng is the main antagonist of the second arc. Yang Cheng is a former mercenary that used to work with Hector in the late 1930’s. In the story he secretly runs 1/4th of the world’s GDP because of his family’s generational wealth being inherited to him. In his public life he was a geneticist before becoming a mercenary. Yang Cheng developed a vendetta against white people after his wife left him for a white man and the atrocities of imperialism, however he himself is racist against his own kind and often pits other Asian countries against each other to continue his family’s robber barron legacy. He has a strong thick heavy Chicago accent.
DOB: 8/4/1888
Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois
Zodiac Placements:
Sun 🌞: Leo. MoonπŸŒ•: Leo. Rising⬆️: Leo.
Personality traits: Original, Courageous, Striking, Disruptive, Perverse, Bombastic and Undiplomatic.
Performance References: A fusion of Tony Stark and Nicolas Cage’s character in “Snake Eyes”.
For sending demo reels and more details on the script/compensation
sc4 - CallBoard sc3 - CallBoard sc2 - CallBoard sc1 - CallBoard

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