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  • October 31, 2020

Brady Smith

scripted, dramatized version of "A Christmas Carol"

Anyone interested in a scripted collaboration??
The short of it:
I’m putting together a scripted, dramatized version of “A Christmas Carol” & need some awesome voice actors to join me! This will be a charity benefit project for Operation Christmas Child that spreads the Christmas spirit to millions of boys and girls in more than 100 countries each year!
A couple of requirements:
You MUST be able to do a GOOD British accent.
You MUST have professional equipment
You MUST be able to work on a team
You MUST be able to deliver your work on time!
You MUST want to help little kids around the world experience a real Christmas:)
If that’s you, shoot me a DM & comment below so I know you’ve sent me a DM!!!
This is a charity benefit project, so if you’re not able to do it for free, then might not be the best fit:)
The long of it (a little background & more details):
I’ve been doing a free podcast now for 3 years where I narrate audiobooks. It’s called Another World Audiobooks & has been such a blast! The audience is growing and growing & I want to use my “platform” to do something awesome this Christmas season!
The first year I did the podcast, I released an unabridged version of my narration of “A Christmas Carol” right at Christmas time. It was SO much fun that the next year, I redid the book (mainly because I had new, better audio equipment!:) & released it again on Christmas. I’ve heard so much positive feedback from my listeners who LOVE this little tradition & this year I want to take it to the next level!
With over 50,000 downloads & a weekly audience of 750+, I really think this could be a wonderful way to spread some Christmas cheer & help some people in need during the season of giving!
The plan would be to release 5 episodes (one per week) on the podcast, starting November 20 & going until December 18 (the week before Christmas). The whole time, I will be promoting the ability for people to pre-order the FULL version of the book with all proceeds going to Operation Christmas Child. Then, once episode 5 is released, we will fulfill all the pre-orders + open up normal ordering of the full version for sale.
Would be interested in any suggestions on the best way to handle those logistics (the pre-ordering, etc.). I use Findaway Voices for most of my audiobooks, but not sure if there’d be a better platform for what I have in mind…? Thoughts?
I’m thinking too it would be a blast to bring on all of the voice actors to my podcast as guest (with like little bonus episodes) where we could talk Christmas memories, Operation Christmas Child, and whatever else you may have going on so listeners can get to know the cast! We could even end up compiling those little vignettes & add them as a bonus to the Full audiobook later on! Think this would be a great way too to say ‘thank you’ to each of the voice actors that take part in this since it would be a great way to promote you & what you do to my audience!
My goal would be to get around 20 voice actors + someone who could help with editing/production. If anyone has the ability to add in music, sound effects, etc. that would be AMAZING!!!
I know this is a big project & a big undertaking, but I also know it would be a total BLAST & would allow us to give back to a bunch of kids in need!
Well, if you’ve read all the way down to here, I’m assuming you’re interested!!!:) If so, please get in touch & help me spread the word to other voice actors who might be up for this!
SO excited & can’t wait to meet you & make this magic happen!!!

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