Danny Keenan

Males and Females 20's

(From the Writer/Creator)-
Hello everyone, my name is Jackson Baker. A team of writers, producers, and myself are casting for an ambitious new web series called ‘Arcadia.’ Set in New York, with plans to begin shooting in the spring, Arcadia follows the lives of four young artists pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. They feel life around them is rapidly changing, but the one constant thing in their lives is the Dungeons and Dragons campaign they all play together weekly.
-We’re looking for young, local talent based in NYC or surrounding areas.
-PLEASE Include a Headshot and Resume and if you have any exposure to DnD.
TASHA (mid-20s) BIPOC. Female. Our Dungeon Master! Cool, calm, and collected. A big nerd, but the kind that makes it look cool. Tasha is easy-going, sarcastic, and comes alive when DM’ing. Unapologetically herself.
MISSI (mid-20s): Any ethnicity. Female. The leader! Confident, protective, and driven. She’s as stoic as she is level-headed. An athletic Human Ranger.
LUKE (mid-20s): White. Male. Deeply loyal, brave and headstrong, almost to a fault. Ruggedly handsome and rustically charming. Human Fighter.
VIRGIL (mid-20s): Black. Male. The glue. Soft-spoken, yet ambitious and witty. Talk less, listen more. A real jack of all trades. Human Cleric.
Note: If you are interested but none of these descriptions fit you- still send your info as we have other characters in future episodes and will keep your info on file!

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