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Normandy Wanberg

multiple roles


We’re shooting a VR Murder Mystery on Saturday, August 22nd and looking for actors! The project will be set up in different scenes that the audience navigates to solve the crime. This is independent and unpaid, but should be a fun project! Meals provided. Breakdown is as follows:

CHRISTOPHER (23, Male): He uses his preppy demeanor as a cover for his self-interest. For him, everything is leverage, though he tries not to show it.

VIVIAN (21, Female): Her flat stare and dark eyeliner are only part of why everyone finds her intimidating. Her self-assurance frequently crosses the line into abrasiveness.

MELISSA (22, Female): She’s on-track to be valedictorian, president of the Red Cross, and probably ambassador to warring nations someday.

JASON (20, Male): A third-string wide receiver and party-frequenting frat boy. Dating Nicole

NICOLE (19, Female): Dating Jason. Her clothes are brighter than she is.

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