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Kori Elizabeth

multiple roles

Hi everyone! We’re still accepting submissions for our online Miscast Cabaret through tomorrow — we are hoping to feature as many people from all over as possible. You absolutely do not need to be a member of the Players Guild to participate. We also have pianists willing to help if you need something recorded because you can’t find the music.

Let me know if you have any questions! Here are the details from the original post as well:

— Wear black, with an accent piece in color (tie, headband, jewelry, hat, etc.)
— If possible, record your video horizontally — we also recommend a test run to make sure the volume/sound are good! Please don’t hold your recording device — make sure you can put it on a tripod or prop it up, so the video is not shaky
— Sadly…no Disney, please. Just a matter of rights/royalties that we don’t want to get into!
— No logos please (on t-shirts, behind you, etc.) — but we really would love for you to “set the stage” behind you, if you’re so inclined!

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