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Females 20's

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Casting call for the feature film “Whatever it Takes” Co-directed and co-written by
Bella Robinson and Cody Alexander Curtis.
A little over a year after the zombie outbreak of Raccoon City, Leon Kennedy is reunited with Ada Wong shortly before chasing down James Pierce (a former follower of William Berkin and scientist at the Umbrella Corporation). Once reached, Ada teams up with Pierce and knocks out Leon. He wakes up in an unfamiliar world; one where fungal humanoids are rampant and people are only out for themselves. Meanwhile, Ellie and Dina are on their way to Washington on a quest of recovery and revenge. Their path collides with Leon and soon after they must move forward with the same goal of taking James and Ada down. Despite the danger of the infected, the real threat proves to be the individuals from both worlds as they coexist alongside each other.
Based on the characters from Naughty Dog Studio’s The Last of Us and The Last of Us Part II
As well as Capcom Studio’s Resident Evil Franchise. (Specifically Resident Evil 2)
All rights reserved to both these companies and the phenomenal stories they have created.
This film is going to contain:
– Pervasive Language
-Graphic and Extreme Violence
-Adult Themes
-An Overall Dark Tone
-This is a Non-Union/Unpaid Film (Although if we can gain the funds needed we may be able to supply some compensation) We are willing to offer IMDB credit after the completion of the film, Along with footage for your reel if so desired. We will also be providing food on set.
– We are still in the process of pre-production (Location Scouting, Gathering Crew, Calculating The Production Budget, etc…) However we are choosing to cast now so we can get the best possible talent for the job and have time to go over the script and rehearse as much as possible.
– We want to make sure that we get people who are committed. Everyone has busy lives and busy schedules. We are willing to work with you as much as possible, but we also want to make sure that the people who come on board are going to be hard working and cemented in the project.
– This is going to be a collaborative project. Whether you are an actor, crew, etc… and you have an idea that you think could make the film better, or even have something you believe could help progress the project to its final realization please bring it forward and we will take it under consideration and talk with you about it, before we implement it.
In terms of Covid-19 we will be taking precautions (Masks, Sanitizer, temperature taking, etc…) depending on the number of people on set and most importantly vaccination status.
Attention: Every talent needs to be in decent shape. Almost every scene in the film will have actors on their feet, or performing some kind of action sequence. In safety of course.
DINA: Last of Us II Character (Early-Mid 20’s Female)
(Will provide you with sides)
A humorous, calculating, understanding, and sarcastic young woman. Dina possesses an assuredness and strength that aids in her survival. She is in a relationship with Ellie; occasionally acting as a balancer to Ellie’s intensity and instincts, especially concerning other people. Dina has the uncanny ability to read others and understand their intentions simply by briefly observing them. She is physically able to defend herself and stands as one of the only individuals able to have influence and guidance over Ellie.
Hair needs to be dark brown and actress needs to be of Hispanic/Latina/Native American ethnicity/decent. Also needs to have a strong grasp of the English Language (Will provide a character picture for reference.

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