Risen Light Films

Males and Females 11-40

TITLE: When Push Comes to Shove
LOCATION: East Providence, RI
SHOOTING DATE: Saturday, November 13, 8am-6pm
COMPENSATION: Unpaid. Credit and reel footage provided.
NOTE: This short film production is for educational purposes, offering hands-on experience to student filmmakers. The film will release online, with a possibility of festival submissions.
Logline: A teenage boy wrestles with what to tell the cop after an incident at school.
GABRIEL [Male. Age 11-13. Latino] – Bilingual Spanish & English. A middle schooler caught between trying to be cool and doing the right thing.
VERONICA [Female. Age 30-40. Latina] – Bilingual Spanish & English. Mother to a twelve-year-old son, Gabriel. A sharp woman, she doesn’t miss a beat and is actively involved in her son’s life.
POLICE OFFICER [Male. Age 25+. Latino] – Bilingual Spanish & English. An officer who knows his community and knows how to talk to kids.

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