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Actor Casting Call
For a Performance Documentary in Grand Rapids, Michigan
WORKING TITLE: The Lonely Hearts Murders
A period performance documentary on the Lonely Hearts Murders. The final murders, capture and execution of the serial killer couple Raymond Fernandez and Martha Beck which triggered a national search until they were captured in Grand Rapids in 1949.
Director: Tom Norton
Auditions to be done virtually via Zoom or Skype
Filming Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Start Date: Late October, 2020
  • WOMAN: Late 20’s -mid 30’s average height/weight (Deliphene)
  • WOMAN: mid-30’s, large in appearance (Martha Beck)
  • WOMAN: mid 60’s-70’s (Neighbor lady)
  • CHILD: (GIRL) 2-4 years of age (Deliphene’s daughter, Rainelle)
  • CHILD: (BOY) 8 years old
  • CHILD: (GIRL) 6 years old
  • MALE: Mid -30’s, average height/weight (Deliphene’s husband, Rolland)
  • MALE: mid 40’s average height/weight (Raymond Fernandez)
  • MALE: mid-30’s average height/weight (Police Officer)
  • MALE: mid- 40’s average weight/height (Police Officer)
  • MALE: mid 60’s to 70’s average height/weight (Deliphene’s Father)
  • EXTRAS: 2 Prison guards, 6 wedding guests, 2 neighbors.
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