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Jason Michael Houser

Agnes (19): A redhead girl who is sweet and kind

Pay: 50 dollars each day (PayPal)
Production Title: World of Struck
Union/Non-Union: Non-Union
Production Type: Web Series/Slasher/Horror/Comedy
Production Location: Westminster, CO
Director: Jason Houser
Producer: Jason Houser
Shooting Location: Westminster, CO
Shooting Dates: August 7 and August 14
Synopsis: Randy, who has an obsession with scary stuff, creates an alter-ego that ends up forcing him to kill random people.
Character breakdown:
Agnes (19): A redhead girl who is sweet and kind and starts dating Randy. They’re both serious with the relationship until Agnes reveals something that triggers Randy. But Randy loves her so much that he wants her to live. His alter-ego doesn’t want that. Agnes appears in 2 episodes (the last two).
COVID: MASKS REQUIRED, do not show up if you’re showing any signs of COVID, social distancing is important, vaccinated people are the number one priority

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