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Benjamin Baldwin

Are you BEST FRIENDS with your EX

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Are you BEST FRIENDS with your EX AND currently in a committed relationship? Despite your romantic history do you and your EX still have an inseparably close bond that outsiders fail to understand or accept?
Do you and your EX still play an active role in each other’s lives? Taking vacations together? Working together? Raising children together? Talking, facetiming, texting all the time? Hanging out together or even LIVING together? Are family members, friends or significant others confused or frustrated by your undeniably close friendship with your EX?
If you have a closer-than-close relationship with your former romantic partner (or you know someone that does) we want to hear from you! To submit, email:, be sure to include your full name, age, contact information (phone & email) city/state where you live and a brief bio about your situation. NOTE: should be over 18 and all candidates should live in the same city/state.

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