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  • North Carolina
  • December 31, 2021

Michael Gilbert-Singletary

Open to All 10-60

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Audition notice for new YouTube show, THE FABULOUS UNIVERSE OF DR. MICHAEL WITH THETA-5.
Original stories. Representative characters. Incredible journeys. One fabulous universe.
THE FABULOUS UNIVERSE OF DR. MICHAEL WITH THETA-5 is a new web series debuting on YouTube in 2022! Every week, Dr. Michael and their trusty robot assistant, Theta-5, will present a thrilling, original story that showcases fresh and incredible performances by a variety of actors across a beautifully diverse range of backgrounds.
Shot on location in North Carolina, THE FABULOUS UNIVERSE OF DR. MICHAEL WITH THETA-5 promises to offer unique experiences, vibrant characters, endearing stories, and to bring together our community through life, love, and laughter.
Youth (ages 10 to 21, ALL genders, races, etc.)
Adults (ages 21 to 60, ALL genders, races, etc.)
Specialty performers (any ages, ALL genders. races, etc.)
Improv performers (for Theta-5 Investigates, adults only)
***We are looking for a ROBUST and DIVERSE cast!
***We are specifically looking for a leading TRANSGENDER ACTRESS (age 16 – 21). Role requires a very strong trans actress, who can move well. We are looking forward to any ethnicity for this role.
***Some, not all, roles require heavy make-up. Please let us know if you have an issue with that.
***We are also interested in those with strong improvisation backgrounds.

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