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Andrew Amani

various roles

Zoom Reading for Dramatic Thriller: CRY-OTE
Written by Andrew Amani
Total pages: 117
DATE: TBD. Based on availability.
LOGLINE: When a forest fire threatens a rural town, an inexperienced park ranger, struggles with the local officials to evacuate everyone to safety not only from the encircling fire but from an even greater threat – the relentless and voracious attacks by displaced coyotes.
[JESSELYN CRUZE] Female, Mixed, Late 20’s – Early 30’s, Park Ranger in training. She has a PhD in biological forensics. She’s smart and tough and knows it. Problem is no one cares. But that doesn’t stop her from standing up to anyone and speaking her mind. This is also her character flaw. LEAD.
[MIKE “SULLY” SOLENIK] Male, Caucasian, Late 30’s – Early 40’s, Ex-Marine who is the town’s folkloric hero. He’s tough as nails and everyone knows it and adores it. He’s exceptional with firearms and knife work but is the most skilled “forester” in the area. A legend. And he knows it. He believes his own mythology and that has created a bit of a bully mentality toward those who challenge him. STRONG SUPPORTING CHARACTER
[PREACHER BAILEY NORTON] Male, Mixed Ethnicity, Late 40’s. He’s a preacher who is struggling to get people to his service. A service that has ditched the tradition of religious style sermons into a more of a free form method that is not well received. He befriends Jesselyn but is a bit intimidated by her. STRONG SUPPORTING CHARACTER
[MAYOR JACK RUTHERFORD] Male, Caucasian, Late 60’s. Equivalent to the Mayor in JAWS. He’s the town manipulator. He’s made his earnings by insuring all the property in this town. If the town goes down he goes down. STRONG SUPPORTING CHARACTER
2 MEN & 1 WOMAN to read all the other incidental characters.
2 PEOPLE to alternate reading stage directions.
SCHEDULE (Pacific Standard):
7:00 – Zoom log-in and meet and greet
7:15 – 9:15 – Read entire script
9:15 – 9:20 – Short Break
9:20 – 10:00 – Notes

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