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“Bard” Character for “Madrelingua”

For the role of the BARD for the Madrelingua film project. The BARD (age approx 18–45) is deeply sensitive, with a voice painfully eloquent, a way of speaking that pulls the listener into ancient pasts with his brooding moods. He perhaps plays an instrument, though...

“Madrelingua” – The Theatre of Ecstasy

3 SUCCUBI / PRIESTESSES — female identifying, age can be anywhere 18-80. Mystical attendants of the Maiden of the Apocalypse, they travel with her through time as she delivers her prophecies. Must be comfortable with lesbian themes. *1 still open for audition BARD /...

“Rumor” – Indie Film

We have cast 4 of the 5 girls now looking to cast Rumor. There will be a lot more roles and auditions coming up of all ages. Keep an eye out

Short Plays by Chekov

You only have until September 2nd to submit your audition monologue for Chekhov, Chekhov, and More Chekhov! There are lots of roles available for all kinds of actors, so what are you waiting for? Auditions are now open for our upcoming evening of short plays by Anton...

Sizzler for Streaming Series

Hey Folks! we are casting ! this is a great role… This is for a streaming series. We are shooting the initial sizzler in October. ISAIAH (SUPPORTING): MALE, 14-16 Isaiah is the youngest of 4 foster teens living in a group home. He is full of life, very curious,...

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