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Surreal Play – “Madrelingua”

Still casting for 4 roles as follows: 3 SUCCUBI / PRIESTESSES — female identifying, age can be anywhere 18-80. Mystical attendants of the Maiden of the Apocalypse, they travel with her through time as she delivers her prophecies. Must be comfortable with lesbian...

48 Hour Film Festival

Hello there. I’m looking for a talented pretty blonde to dirty blonde  actress that passes for ages 21-30 and a handsome dark haired actor that passes for 31-32 for the 48 Hour Film Project

“Itsy Bitsy Spider” – Web Series

What’s up Everyone? I am super happy to announce the auditions for a project that Tom Roche and I have been working on for what seems to be a year. Itsy Bitsy Spider will be a Web series Written, Filmed, Edited, and Directed by us. We are looking for all types...

Actors For 48 Hour Film Festival

Hey everyone! I’m trying to put together a team FOR THE 48 HOUR FILM COMPETITION in New Haven this year. The following slots need to be filled: I’m a director based in Middletown CT. I’ve done this competition twice in 2012 AND 2013, and since then,...

Chorus for “Nature”

Do YOU wanna be a part of this cool production?! We are looking for members to fill our community chorus! It is a little bit of a commitment, BUT you will get 2 complimentary tickets to any “Nature” performance, and an awesome experience/being a part of...

Short Film – “When Mariana + Lucy Texted”

When Mariana + Lucy texted Casting Call . . Mariana: 18 year old Latina female. Fluent in Spanish. A Soft Tomboy with a kind heart. . Lucy 22 year old Black female. A hardworking Stud with a head full of dreams. . . More info at...

Co-Host for Web/Talk Show

Possibly looking to start a web/talk show about entertainment news, and possibly reviews and reactions. Looking for someone who want to help me co host and try to get this off the ground and will to work together on this idea been wanting to do this forever just feel...

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