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Can you sing?

Can you sing? Better yet can you SANG? SHOUT! HALLELUJAH is looking for singers to fill the choir for several scenes in the upcoming production to run Aug 5-8. Small speaking parts may be available as well. Please contact myself or Ezekiel Ezlovem Morgan for more...

Sienna Hawthorne – 40-45 female

Sienna Hawthorne – 40-45 female. Sienna Hawthorne was a child theater prodigy. She got her first professional acting job at age 7. She moved to New York City with her mother, Izabella Josselyn, a theater casting director, after her parents divorced. Isabella had...

Sophie – 21 – 28 female

Sophie – 21 – 28 female. Sophie’s story is that of a young woman who lacks confidence despite her obvious acting and singing talent. Her kind words and empathy towards others are used to shield her self-doubt and destructive inner criticism. That fear and doubt...

looking for experienced actors for upcoming films!

It’s that time again is looking for experienced actors for upcoming films! Male and female actors welcomed ages 18 and up. Experience preferred. Lead Roles Casting For: Female any ethnicity Male any ethnicity Additional casting needed for supporting roles ages 18 and...

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