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GRAND CONCOURSE FILMS CASTING NOTICE: We are currently working with the Actor Lounge Cinema Casting and will be filming a short film in Las Vegas or Los Angeles in the Month of September. Please read casting information.

Casting Short Film in Vegas

Location: Las vegas NV Type: Film May (18to30) Main character May is having one of the worst days of her life but in the end she will find the silver lining Jill(40to50) Supporting character jail is May’s mom Pam(18to25) Supporting character Pam is May’s ex-girlfriend...

Actors in Vegas for Indie Film

Location: Las Vegas, NV Type: Film And looking for a supporting role Jane Doe number 12 And John Doe 13 The movie is about a eco-terrorist group he has done bad things and had been documented by capturing a cameraman If the movie makes a profit you can get paid that...

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