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“Late” – Student Thesis Film

Hi all! I am a film student in the Boston area looking for a cast for my Senior Thesis film. Film Title: Late Synopsis: Two strangers meet in a graveyard only to discover they were mutual lovers to a man who is now deceased. Filming Dates & Location: Nov 11-14th...

“Bard” Character for “Madrelingua”

For the role of the BARD for the Madrelingua film project. The BARD (age approx 18–45) is deeply sensitive, with a voice painfully eloquent, a way of speaking that pulls the listener into ancient pasts with his brooding moods. He perhaps plays an instrument, though...

“Madrelingua” – The Theatre of Ecstasy

3 SUCCUBI / PRIESTESSES — female identifying, age can be anywhere 18-80. Mystical attendants of the Maiden of the Apocalypse, they travel with her through time as she delivers her prophecies. Must be comfortable with lesbian themes. *1 still open for audition BARD /...

“Rumor” – Indie Film

We have cast 4 of the 5 girls now looking to cast Rumor. There will be a lot more roles and auditions coming up of all ages. Keep an eye out

“Eephus” – Indie Baseball Film

Hey everyone! I’m working on an independent feature film called “Eephus” and am looking to cast eight roles. More info below. EEPHUS is about a pair of New England recreational baseball teams as they face off for the last time on their local field...

Family for Music Video

PAID GIG filming, one day shot in swampscott between September 16th and 18th looking for three actors to play a family for a music video. Mom: Female 30-40s prefer lighter color hair, athletic, middle class Male: 30-40s prefer dark hair, athletic, middle class Teenage...

“Painting the Stars” – Feature Film

Film Location: Wenham, Mass. Rate: Unpaid Project Name: Painting the Stars Project type: Feature Film Project Description: Sailors in the times before technology and GPS would use the stars to navigate along the treacherous oceans, much like 18-year-old Nova Brooks...

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