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Extras for Indie Projects

Casting call: Appearances are unpaid (unless otherwise specified), but there is a gas stipend attached. Non union Friday 3/26 – Filming in Quincy, MA. Daytime. Need: Family at a photo shoot, with 6-9 year old child in a speaking role. Sunday 3/28, call times...

Indie Film – “Dinner”

Seeking talent for an original story, “Dinner”, about two longtime friends reconnecting after years apart. While the two are eager to remember who they were at their last meeting, they find it evident that they cannot escape the powers that have grown between them...

Short Film – “Highball Apart”

CASTING CALL – Highball Apart Short Film April 4th and 5th. Boston Area. Unpaid. Non-SAG. Synopsis: Min is a failed writer and stay-at-home husband struggling with alcoholism and feelings of being left behind in life. After meeting two old friends at a reunion,...

Indie Film – “Somewhere Quiet”

Hello! My name is Emma and I am producing a feature film in Cape Cod MA. See below casting notice: Somewhere Quiet, an independent film shooting in Cotuit MA, is looking for a woman (white, 65+) with long white or grey hair to play “The Old Woman,” a kind...

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