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one male and one female actor

Looking for one male and one female actor for a film project starting in September. Actually, it’s a theater/film hybrid. I’ll be filming one of my plays at a location with a camera doing one shot, following the action. Will either be on FB Live or youtube...

male Native actor and a Hispanic actor

Looking for a male Native actor and a Hispanic actor for a local music video, Horror western project. Ages should be mature looking over 30. Otherwise open. Dates are being locked down, but looking at first weekend in September. 1 day shoot. 2 day if cast in lead....

Doonesbury: The Musical

Audition Announcement: Doonesbury: The Musical Auditions: Monday/Wednesday, August 16/18, 6-9 PM Producer: Standing Room Only Performing Arts Production: Doonesbury: The Musical Book and Lyrics by Garry Trudeau Music by Elizabeth Swados A delightful romp of a show...

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