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“Bard” Character for “Madrelingua”

For the role of the BARD for the Madrelingua film project. The BARD (age approx 18–45) is deeply sensitive, with a voice painfully eloquent, a way of speaking that pulls the listener into ancient pasts with his brooding moods. He perhaps plays an instrument, though...

“Madrelingua” – The Theatre of Ecstasy

3 SUCCUBI / PRIESTESSES — female identifying, age can be anywhere 18-80. Mystical attendants of the Maiden of the Apocalypse, they travel with her through time as she delivers her prophecies. Must be comfortable with lesbian themes. *1 still open for audition BARD /...

Garrison Player’s Production of “Showstoppers”

Auditions! Showstoppers, the musical outreach group of Garrison Players, began performing in various area locations in 1977, and after a long hiatus, is back! Their music comes from the heart of Broadway, bringing pieces of memorable shows to the Dover area. Before...

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