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“The Penny Parable” – Indie Film

Now, with more free time after college, Penny agrees to accompany her best friend Jayme to a bar. Here, she meets Mark and his friend, Neil, whom knows not of Mark’s true intent. Day 1, Bar scene – Ep 1 – Saturday, July, 31st, 2021

“Withdrawal” – A Drugs and Zombies Film

Greetings Actors and Actresses. I am putting together a “zombie” movie (that’s the best way to describe it but its very different and involves drugs p.m. for details) and would like to audition actors and actresses and let them help mold the script....

“The Rose of Sharon” – Jordan Schroeter Film

The Rose Of Sharon: A Jordan Schroeter Film Casting Call for the two social workers tasked with the difficult job of suggesting Sharon’s disabled son Ike should be cared for by professionals instead of herself. Filming September 3-6, 2021, Through Labor Day...

Farm Photoshoot

Looking for a redhead female to play a farm assistant in a photoshoot in Madison in August. Age 19-30

Fan Film – “Halloween Evil Lives”

Halloween Evil Lives has several roles open Robbie: Jock type ages 18 to 25 Joey: ages 18 to 25 , The nerd of the group very smart and helps the group against attacks from Myers. We are a fan film a non profit filming in Green bay Wisconsin.. starting at the end of...

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