CallBoard Standards

Our goal is not only to make auditions more accessible for actors but to also to promote the creation of dependable wholesome art. Below are the qualities that would either qualify or disqualify casting calls from being listed. We reserve the right to take down all Casting Calls that contain prohibited content.

Endorsed Qualities

  • Projects that promote the idea of community and self-purpose.
  • Projects that provide paid work for actors.
  • Projects that benefit both directors and actors.
  • Projects that have to do with faith or religion.
  • Creative and sometimes edgy work. We are in favor of “different” and are eager to promote projects that explore new concepts and ideas.

Prohibited Qualities

  • All pornographic, nude, or adult themed material is considered to be in violation of CallBoard’s standards. 
  • Any recognized misleading or false information (e.g. compensation rates, project details, etc) will also result in the removal of the post and possibly suspension of accounts.
  • Vulgar or inappropriate language in casting call posts is also unaccepted.

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