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We are working hard to bring standard pricing to Talent Agencies so that you can bring value to your clients. In the time being, feel free to contact our support team if you are interested in connecting your talent agency to CallBoard.

Agency Features

The features that will give you a step up on the competition. 

All Auditions

Provide your talent with auditions

Featured Agency

Your Talent Agency will be featured in the agency search

Manage Talent

Manage the talent that has access to CallBoard.

Rate Local Agencies

You can view/review other other local agencies

Priority Support

Quicker response times to your inquiries.

Future Features

Access to all feature benefites and updates.

Billing FAQs

Do I need to wait until my subscription ends to upgrade?

No, you can upgrade at any time. Your original subscription payment will be prorated toward your next payment. 

I want to cancel my subscription. Can I get a refund?

View our full refund policy here.

Basic Accounts: It’s free. No Refunds. 

Pro Accounts: We only offer refunds for the first 14 days of your membership. Each payment after that (including annual payments) are nonrefundable.

Lifetime Accounts: We only offer refunds for the first 30 days of your membership.

If you have additional questions about our refund policy feel free to contact us!

Will the subscription payment automatically be billed for the Pro plans?

Yes. If you have opted in for the monthly subscription you will automatically be billed each month for your membership. This is the same for the annual subscription option.

Is there a Military discount?

Yes! There is a discount for those who are supporting our country by serving in the armed forces. Please contact our support team if you feel like you qualify for such a discount. [email protected]

Is there a family or group discount?

Yes! Discounts are offered to groups that have over 20 members. This is most applicable to school classes, agencies, and large groups of friends. 

If you have a group of 20 or more people and are interested in a discount, please contact our support team: [email protected]

Lifetime Membership - $450

All membership features wrapped into one payment! Lifetime access to all the features that benefit you.

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