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by Jul 5, 2018

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It can be difficult sometimes to constantly pass up spending time with friends, family, or Netflix to be at rehearsal.

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In all seriousness though, it can be difficult sometimes to constantly pass up spending time with friends, family, or Netflix to be at rehearsal. It may also be difficult for those you love to understand why you’ve sold your soul to an art form. Well, as always, CallBoard is here to help you out.

We’ve assembled a list of calm, conflict-diffusing statements you can say to help your loved one understand why you never have time to see them. We’ve also provided a lie…er….“alternate excuse” with every bullet point, just in case honesty and kindness don’t work 😉 Enjoy! And then make sure you’re on time to rehearsal.

The show will be over soon

Remind your loved one that there is an end in sight, and that a lot of times rehearsal periods can be more time consuming than the actual run of the show. Or, if you’re already in the run of the show, remind them of closing night. Emphasize how grateful you are for their understanding, and how thrilled you are to be soaking up every night until the show closes.

Alternate excuse: David Bowie has come back from the dead, and is doing a live performance of his songs whilst wearing his costume from Labyrinth. I only have one ticket, it is specifically meant for me, and the performance in conveniently at the theatre where I normally have rehearsal (honestly, if someone stopped you from going to this event they would actually be the devil).

Let’s plan something

It sucks to miss out on things, or to not be available if your friend or significant other really wants to be with you. A great solution to this is to say “I can’t tonight, I have rehearsal, BUT let’s do brunch on Saturday!” This is a win-win all around, because a) the person knows you still care about them and want to make time for them in your life, b) you get to have brunch, c) you will get quality, stress-free time with said person, and d) did we mention brunch?

Alternate excuse: The government has called me to perform a secret mission to once and for all eradicate every argument against the idea that the moon landing was staged. This mission involves actually traveling to the moon, and I will depart at 7:30 pm tonight and return in a few hours. Wish me luck.

Thank you

Sometimes it helps just to acknowledge someone’s support and sacrifice. Try writing a nice note to thank your concerned human for always being there for you, even when you waste your time foolishly prancing about on a stage. But for real. Throwing their name in your program bio is nice, but there’s nothing like a handwritten note.

Alternate excuse: I always spontaneously burst into flame at exactly 7:30 pm on Friday (insert the date of your rehearsal here). It’s been happening ever since I was a child. I emerge unscathed every time, but anyone within a 30 mile radius of me is a goner. I am trying to save your life.

This is the last time, I promise

Share this statement with your loved one. And then you both can simultaneously laugh and cry, because you know that this is simply not true. Because you, my friend, have a problem. If laughing about the issue doesn’t work though, please refer to our alternate excuse below.
Alternate excuse (Less of a statement, more of an action): Hit them over the head with something heavy and run away. Live the rest of your life as a vagabond on the streets.

I love you

Remind the person in question that you really do care about them a lot, more than theatre even. If balancing your art and your personal life is getting to be a problem, then it may be time for the two of you to sit down and have a serious talk. At the end of the day though, love fixes a lot of things. So just remember how much you care for this person, share that, and then go from there.

Alternate excuse: Unnecessary for this one. We actually DO believe in love, honesty and kindness. Betcha didn’t see that one coming! HA!

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Remind the person in question that you really do care about them a lot, more than theatre even.

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What do you think? What are some approaches you’ve used to explain why you’re always unavailable? And particularly effective “alternate excuses”?


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